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Description of the Project


The “Development of Ózd town drinking water supply infrastructure and distribution system and sustainable control of it” (SH/3/13) project is supported by the Swiss Government within the framework of the Swiss-Hungarian Contribution Program, a 130.7 million CHF government financed program that aims at reducing economic and social disparities in Hungary. The Project is managed under the overall supervision of the National Development Agency, and VÁTI Non-profit Ltd as the Intermediate Body.

The project has three main parts. The most important one is the reconstruction of the drinking water pipeline network, which contains many old asbestos-cement pipes nearing the end of their lifetime. This means replacing more than 26kms of old pipes. The second part is laying more than 4kms of new pipes in parts of the town where there is currently no running drinking water. This is an obvious problem that can be fixed now thanks to the Swiss Contribution Program. The third part is the construction of two new reservoirs, 500m3 each, to improve the stability of the water supply. The mechanical devices and the control equipment in the pipeline network will also be modernized.

The construction works will take place between 2013 and 2015, during which many streets of the town will be occupied for work, or even partly sealed. The Local Government and the Ózd Waterworks will do everything in their power to minimize inconvenience for the residents, but there obviously will be some traffic congestion around the worksites. We ask the public for your kind patience.

The Municipality of Ózd attaches great importance to full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and the principles of economical use of resources, and of fairness and transparency in its contractual relations during the full project. In order to achieve these goals, and to increase transparency, establish trust in the public, prevent corruption and make best use of the public funds, the Municipality cooperates with the Hungarian Chapter of Transparency International.

Such transparency, in turn, calls for extensive and easy public access to all the information available under law. For this reason all contracts and relevant documents can be accessed on this site, and we also use TI's transparency software to visualize the timetable of all public procurements. Most of these documents are in their original hungarian language form.